Toy Review: Star Wars Battle Bobblers

I have a habit of browsing the Star Wars toy aisle every time I go to Target. Usually it’s a fast trip due to the dwindling amount of already seen inventory. But last time I noticed something new. A super fun set of R2-D2 and Yoda toy clips. The Hasbro Battle Bobblers are bright, expressive, and move in fun and unexpected ways due to the spring action. I scooped up this set and then noticed the awesome Porgs and Chewbacca set behind it. I eventually grabbed all 4 sets and decided I needed to write a review and post some pics.

So here we go…

R2-D2 VS Yoda

Now you can reenact one of the best scenes in all of Star Wars — R2 and Yoda duking it out on Dagobah. Both characters look amazing but I especially love Yoda’s giant eyes.

Porgs VS Chewbacca

Really love the details on this set. I think it’s hilarious and sad that they included Chewie’s roasted porg, and as a weapon no less. The porgs’ blue lightsaber is also a nice touch.

Stormtrooper VS BB-8

Sure BB-8 looks adorbs, but appearances can be deceiving. He is most definitely a murder bot as demonstrated by his flame thrower weapon. Stay out of his way and you’ll probably be ok.

Vader VS Luke

You can’t have an iconic battle series without Vader and Luke. Vader is looking good with his slightly red tinted eyes and Luke is looking good with all limbs in tact.

The packaging is very sharp. The comic bookish design is incredibly eye-catching and the explosion artwork adds an extra dimension of immersive fun. I also like the attention to detail with the clips matching the characters.

The original sets are fun to battle against each other with their unique and prominent weaponage. And if you mix and match all the characters it can add to your amusement exponentially.

In conclusion, I think these are an awesome addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection. The clip design is great whether you’re a child or adult. For children it’s an easy way to hold the toys while you play and a fun way to display them on hats, shoes, bags etc. For adults the clever design could be used as chip clips, computer monitor decorations, electronic cord organizers or whatever else your imagination can dream of.

I couldn’t find a link to buy these on Target but they are available on Entertainment Earth for $10.99 per set.

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