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Episode 43: Spacefest 2021

Hello, and welcome back to Nerd of Paradise! After almost a year of radio silence we’re thrilled to bring you an all-new episode recorded live from Spacefest in Tucson, AZ! In this episode we talk to astronauts, a documentary director, authors, artists, and more! Find out more about these fascinating guests: Susan Nimue […]

Episode 42: Star Trek: Lower Decks

We are ending our long stretch of radio silence with a look at the all new Star Trek cartoon Lower Decks! In addition to some personal thoughts, we scour the internet for some articles, Google reviews and tweets about this new show that’s boldly going where no show has gone before. Thanks for listening! Find […]

Episode 41: Galaxy’s Edge

Happy Star Wars Day! Enjoy this on-the-scene report from Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland (from January)! And remember, the 4th will be with you. Always.

Episode 40: Wild Wild West Con (Steampunk!)

Hello, and welcome to Nerd of Paradise. In episode 40 we visit Wild, Wild West Con (a Steampunk Convention) held at historic Old Tucson! In this episode: board game designers, an idiot telegraph boy, belly dancers, AND MORE! Please note: these interviews were recorded a few weeks ago before social distancing was recommended. Stay safe […]

Episode 39: Tucson Comic Con 2019

Hello, and welcome to Episode 39 of Nerd of Paradise! Kate recently traversed the landscape of Tucson Comic Con 2019 and talked to some very cool people. On this episode you’ll hear from: Thanks for listening! Find all of our episodes on Follow us on Twitter @NofPPod Send us […]

Episode 38: Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019

Hello and welcome to episode 38 of Nerd of Paradise! After months of radio silence and an extensive move Kate finally finds her Phoenix Fan Fusion footage and puts together an episode! We talk Legos, Pluto, dinosaurs and more! Visit these sites mentioned in the episode: Find all of our episodes on […]

Episode 37: Geek, And You Shall Find

Welcome to episode 37 of Nerd of Paradise! In this episode we talk with Brad Faye and Kelsey Dickerson about their documentary ‘Geek, And You Shall Find’, a film that delves into the history of superheroes and the reasons we are so fascinated by them. Find out the origin story of this amazing journey, what […]

Podcast Review: Captain Marvel (2019)

Hello and welcome to a special Nerd of Paradise podcast review of Captain Marvel! In this spoilery episode Kate and her fam review the film, Captain Marvel! The diverse group of reviewers includes 3 adults, (2 of which are women), and Kate’s 14 year old and 9 year old nephews. Did we like the film? […]

Episode 36: Phoenix Comicon CLIP SHOW

Hello and welcome to our very first CLIP SHOW! In episode 36 we travel back in time and revisit some of Kate’s favorite guest interviews she’s done at Phoenix Comicon (Now called Phoenix Fan Fusion) from the years 2015-2018. You’ll hear from: Tom Kane (Yoda), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Garret Wang (Harry Kim) as well as […]

Episode 35: Nikola Tesla

Welcome to Nerd of Paradise! In this episode Kate picks her brother Micah’s brain about one of history’s most fascinating and brilliant individuals — Nikola Tesla! Resources from the Episode: Be sure to subscribe to Micah’s YouTube channel: Think Like Tesla ( Tesla’s Notes – Oatmeal: Why Nikola Tesla was the Greatest Geek Who […]