Hi! My name is Kate Dubinko, and the Nerd of Paradise Podcast is my brainchild. In 2014 I unexpectedly got involved in the podcasting world when I began submitting things for the Who Wars Podcast. I’ve always been drawn to audio entertainment and quickly learned that creating content in an audio format was something I loved immensely. After being trained by the Jedi Master of podcasting, Rob Irwin, I decided to combine the skills I’d learned along with my insatiable curiosity to create a podcast as quirky and random as me!

So, what can you expect from this podcast? While the overarching concept is quite random, each episode will have a specific theme with interviews, reviews, on-site reporting, and commentary relating to that theme. Here are few ideas I have for upcoming episodes: Robotics, Route 66, Star Wars, Aviation, Architecture, Cryonics, The Beatles, Animation, Hollywood and whatever else I can dream up!

In the spirit of randomness the episodes will not have a specific air date or time so be sure to follow @NofPPod on twitter for the latest updates.

I hope you will join me on this journey as I explore the nerdy world around us; and hopefully you find my podcast entertaining, informative and refreshing! 

So grab a Pina Colada, hop in your hammock and relax as you listen to Nerd of Paradise!

Logo125About the Logo

The Nerd of Paradise logo is based on one of my favorite flowers, The
Bird of Paradise. (See what I did there!?) I felt this flower’s elegant and distinct nature was a perfect symbol for the unique and quirky nature of this podcast! Not to mention the lovely tropical feel it adds to the show!

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