Review: Ugly by Robert Hoge

Maybe it was my conservative Midwest upbringing, or the fact that I was raised by a very reserved family, but I was always taught that it’s not polite to stare, you never call someone ugly and while others might be different, you just don’t talk about it. So when I heard Robert Hoge on NPR talking about his book “Ugly”, it […]

Episode 18 – Body Image

In this ‘very special episode’ of Nerd of Paradise we tackle the important issue of Body Image. We live in a society that floods us with unrealistic expectations of what our bodies should look like and it can lead to detrimental results. But, we live in a time where we can change that! In this […]

Episode 5 – Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest Preview

Welcome to Nerd of Paradise! In episode 5, Kate visits the media preview night for Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest! Hear interviews with integral members of the staff who make Phoenix Comicon and Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest possible. Be sure to stay till the end to find out about the contest for free tickets! Check us […]