Episode 35: Nikola Tesla

Welcome to Nerd of Paradise! In this episode Kate picks her brother Micah’s brain about one of history’s most fascinating and brilliant individuals — Nikola Tesla! Resources from the Episode: Be sure to subscribe to Micah’s YouTube channel: Think Like Tesla ( Tesla’s Notes – Oatmeal: Why Nikola Tesla was the Greatest Geek Who […]

Episode 28: Total Eclipse

Hello and welcome back to Nerd of Paradise. In this episode Kate experiences last month’s eclipse at the Arizona Science Center and talks to people of all ages about what the eclipse meant to them. Thanks for listening to Nerd Of Paradise! Find all of our episodes on Follow us on Twitter @NofPPod Send […]

Episode 8 – Cryonics

In this episode Kate visits Alcor Life Extension Foundation and learns all about cryonics! Visit to find out more! Check us out on nerdofparadise.netFollow us on Twitter @NofPPodSend us an Email at Thanks for listening to Nerd of Paradise!Until next time, EMBRACE THE WEIRD!!

Episode 2 – Ada Lovelace

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! For our Ada Lovelace episode we talk to 3 people who Ada has inspired in different ways. 3:32 First, Zoe Philpott tells us about Ada and the interactive storytelling of @AdaTheShow.Find out more at 24:41 Next, we talk to the author of Ada’s Algorithm, @JamesEssinger.Find out more about him at […]