Biosphere 2 – A Link to Our Past, Present & Future

In the midst of the sprawling desert lays a curious sight. It’s bizarre, it’s captivating and it’s just like stepping into a strange science fiction movie from the 1950s. But you haven’t. It’s 2021 and your feet are firmly planted on planet earth. The immense glistening geodesic formation in front of you is Biosphere 2 […]

Episode 43: Spacefest 2021

Hello, and welcome back to Nerd of Paradise! After almost a year of radio silence we’re thrilled to bring you an all-new episode recorded live from Spacefest in Tucson, AZ! In this episode we talk to astronauts, a documentary director, authors, artists, and more! Find out more about these fascinating guests: Susan Nimue […]

RECIPE: Low Carb Muddy Muddies

Hello! I know this isn’t traditionally a recipe blog but I made something delicious and wanted to share! Since I started a Keto/Low Carb diet I’ve been craving the sweet treat commonly know as muddy muddies or puppy chow. If you’ve never heard of this tasty concoction it’s basically cereal covered in a mixture of […]

Breast Cancer Post-Surgery Care Package Ideas

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I wanted to post about it before the month is over. In a year that’s already so bad in so many ways, my mom’s recent diagnosis with breast cancer has given our family another hurdle to contend with. The age of COVID has really made a terrible situation […]

Episode 42: Star Trek: Lower Decks

We are ending our long stretch of radio silence with a look at the all new Star Trek cartoon Lower Decks! In addition to some personal thoughts, we scour the internet for some articles, Google reviews and tweets about this new show that’s boldly going where no show has gone before. Thanks for listening! Find […]

Toy Review: Star Wars Battle Bobblers

I have a habit of browsing the Star Wars toy aisle every time I go to Target. Usually it’s a fast trip due to the dwindling amount of already seen inventory. But last time I noticed something new. A super fun set of R2-D2 and Yoda toy clips. The Hasbro Battle Bobblers are bright, expressive, […]

Episode 40: Wild Wild West Con (Steampunk!)

Hello, and welcome to Nerd of Paradise. In episode 40 we visit Wild, Wild West Con (a Steampunk Convention) held at historic Old Tucson! In this episode: board game designers, an idiot telegraph boy, belly dancers, AND MORE! Please note: these interviews were recorded a few weeks ago before social distancing was recommended. Stay safe […]

Episode 39: Tucson Comic Con 2019

Hello, and welcome to Episode 39 of Nerd of Paradise! Kate recently traversed the landscape of Tucson Comic Con 2019 and talked to some very cool people. On this episode you’ll hear from: Thanks for listening! Find all of our episodes on Follow us on Twitter @NofPPod Send us […]

D-O Roundup

Your guide to all the best merchandise featuring the newest droid on the Star Wars block! This past April at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, a new droid rolled on to the stage and into our hearts. He’s been described as everything from a desk lamp to a megaphone, but one thing’s for sure – HE […]