Phoenix Comicon Survival Kit

With Phoenix Comicon this weekend I’ve been getting into full con mode lately. When I went to my first con a few years ago, I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t have the greatest experience. Since then, I’ve learned what things to bring to make it a more enjoyable and successful con.



If you plan on going to panels expect a lot of waiting in long lines. I find that a collapsible stool like this: is very useful. Your feet will thank me later!


Long days with constant usage of your phone means your battery is likely to run out. Having a charger is imperative! This brand charges super fast and has the lightning cable for Apple built right in.


Even if it’s hot outside, it can be chilly in the convention center with the A/C blasting. I like to bring a shawl or scarf, that can also double as a seat saver for you and your friends. Think of all the seats you could save with this Doctor Who beauty from ThinkGeek!


Make advanced preparations to bring your own food and drink. Not only are the prices for food and drink exorbitant onsite, but the lines are so long you might miss one of your panels. Bring portable things that don’t need refrigeration and pack a nutritional punch like protein bars, jerky, dried fruit. Try to refrain from bringing stinky foods, as that will not make you too many friends at comicon! Also, bring at least one bottle of water. You can always refill it with the fountains. And caffeine is a must. I prefer to bring the little cans of Starbucks Doubleshot Expresso.


Sometimes it can be hard to stay healthy at a con. It’s useful to keep a small firstaid kit containing pain killers, bandaids, antibacterial gel, Airborn, tissues and whatever else you think might come in handy.


Waiting can get boring if you’re not prepared. Compact games to play with my friends, a sketchbook, book or the games on your phone can all be excellent distractions. A nerdy choice like Star Wars Mad Libs is an excellent choice!

So have fun and be safe and prepared this weekend at Phoenix Comicon. It’s going to be ridiculously hot so be sure to drink plenty of water, wear reasonable cosplay and sunscreen. And be sure to check back with Nerd of Paradise for some awesome coverage!

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