Top 5 Favorite Ringo Songs!


Top 5 Favorite Ringo Songs!

I’m ridiculously excited to see Ringo Starr in concert tonight! In honor of that I thought it’d be fun to come up with a top 5 list of my favorite songs of his. When it comes to The Beatles, Ringo is often overshadowed by the more dominant Lennon/McCartney songbook. But Ringo has a whimsical and charming style not to be overlooked. The following list are my favorite lead vocals of Ringo, both during and after The Beatles era:

5. Octopus’ Garden

This cheerful and peaceful song has always stuck with me. The upbeat lyrics are enough to brighten any day, but when you stop and listen to the words it provides an added level of security. The lines “We would be warm/below the storm/In our little hideaway beneath the waves” and “Oh what joy for every girl and boy/Knowing they’re happy and they’re safe” were particularly comforting to me as a child and continue to be as an adult.

4. Photograph

This sad and profound song comes in at number 4. It’s a reminder of the power and poignancy a simple photo can have. If you’re not haunted by the line “Every time I see your face/It reminds me of the places we used to go/But all I’ve got is a photograph/And I realize you’re not coming back anymore” there’s probably something seriously wrong with you.

3. Act Naturally

This cover of the Buck Owen’s classic is delightful. Ringo perfectly conveys the self-serving tone of the song inject just enough heartbreak to make it convincing.

2. It Don’t Come Easy

George Harrison apparently helped Ringo write this poignant song with meaningful lyrics. Ringo’s trademark message of love and peace plead for us to “Open up your heart, let’s come together/Use a little love/And we will make it work out better” and “Peace, remember peace is how we make it/Here within your reach/If you’re big enough to take it.” Timeless advise.

1. Yellow Submarine

They just don’t come more whimsical than Yellow Submarine. Written by Paul just for Ringo, this well-known and well-loved Beatles classic the perfect example of how great the Beatles were and how they could ‘Come Together’ (see what I did there?) to make iconic classics. Apolopgies in advance if you have this one stuck in your head the rest of the day!

Hopefully I’ll hear some if not all of these songs tonight! Be sure to check my Twitter feed for updates!


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