D-O Roundup

Your guide to all the best merchandise featuring the newest droid on the Star Wars block!


This past April at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, a new droid rolled on to the stage and into our hearts. He’s been described as everything from a desk lamp to a megaphone, but one thing’s for sure – HE CUTE! D-0 (or possibly D-O or Dio, I’ve seen it each way) is already winning the hearts and wallets of Star Wars fans everywhere!

So if you’re like me and obsessed with BB-8’s newest little friend, please enjoy this guide to some of the awesome D-0 stuff I’ve managed to find!

Please Note: None of this is paid advertising. Just being done out of the goodness of my droid loving heart.

D-0 Funko Pop

Whether you’re into collecting Funko Pops or not, there’s a good chance you’ll want snag this cutie! Props to the Funko design team on this one, if you ask me, this is one of the cutest Pops EVER!! Just LOOK at the cute little snoot, I just want to boop it! At it’s a steal for only $8.78 on Amazon!


Spark and Go D-O Rolling Droid

Here’s a cool little contraption I found on Amazon. (SIDE NOTE: Check out this super cute description of our little droid: Cobbled from odds and ends in the workshop of a droidsmith, little D-O is an impressionable little roller that becomes fixated upon BB-8.) Rev up this little guy and sparks will fly! Only $14.99. Not bad.


Star Wars D-O Interactive Droid (Target Exclusive)

I was excited to see an app controlled droid after Sphero apparently dropped out of the Star Wars Race. I was a little less excited when I saw the price tag of $149.99. The one star review does not instill confidence. 🙁


Remote Control D-O Rolling Toy

If you’re looking for a cheaper route than the app version, this may be the way to go. For only $59.68 (at Walmart) you get a battle worn D-O that rolls and comes with a controller.


Dio Plush aka Bump ‘N Go D-O

This adorable plush spins around and makes sweet D-O beeping sounds. This cuddly droid is a bargain for only $24.99!


D-O 12 oz. Geeki Tikis Mug

Combine your love of tiki and droids with this amazing Geeki Tikis mug! Only $24.99!


D-O Clipz

This is the little guy I had a pre-Force Friday adventure with at my local Target. When I got to the checkout lane he set off an alarm that he wouldn’t go on sale until 9/4. So naturally I went back and picked him up when he was available. Only $7.99 and has a clip so you have options on where put him. The others in the series are also pretty adorbs!


Star Wars: The Saga Edition Droid Plush Set

If you like plushies and droids, THEN THIS IS THE SET FOR YOU! This 8in set features R2, BB-8, and of course D-O! It’s $34.95 for the whole set (that’s 11.65 for each droid!) in other words, SPECTACULAR VALUE!


D-0 Lamp!

As soon as D-0 rolled into our lives the Pixar lamp comparisons were pretty much instantaneous. Now you can own your very own D-O lamp! $39.99 seems slightly steep to me for a small probably plastic and non-removable bulb, but maybe it’ll be on clearance in a few months? Also, a side note, it was very hard to find this one due to the title “Star Wars New Droid Desk Lamp”.


Star Wars Ep. 9 Flyboy Droid Throw Pillow Green

Ok, first of all. WHO IS NAMING THESE PRODUCTS?? Second of all, this actually looks like a nice fuzzy throw pillow and I might need it. $19.99 at Target, not too shabby.


Kotobukiya ARTFX D-O&BB-8

Here’s a cool one! From the official description: 1/7 scale pre-painted model kit features easy, snap-fit construction. AND the BB-8 can be displayed in multiple configurations! Very cute, but $109.99 is most likely out of my price range. 🙁


BB-8 and D-0 1:12 Scale Model Kit

This, however, is a lovely, and much more affordable alternative. At just #$29.99 this 1/12 scale model is a cute and fun project for any Star Wars fan!


The Rise of D-0 Apparel

I’m starting to notice LOTS of cute D-0 apparel hit the market so I thought I’d add a little gallery with links to buy here. Love that there’s options for girls and women!






Of course this is by no means a comprehensive list of every single D-0 thing you can buy. I know there at least a few multi-pack type things I didn’t mention and probably ones I totally missed. But, I sincerely hope you enjoyed perusing this labor of love.

Happy hunting and may the droids be with you!

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